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on 3/7/02 8:16 AM, David Beaulieu wrote:

> I was wondering what any of you might offer on the word "asthenema"
> as used and Romans 15:1 and generally.  I see that it is translated
> variously, but most interestingly to me as "scruples."  I also see that
> Strong's lists "a scruple of conscience" as one definition, but I wonder if
> that definition is true of the word generally.  I can understand from the
> context why one might use the word "scruples," but I am a bit perplexed how
> this relates to the sense of weakness, literally, particularly since
> "scruples" and "conscience" tend not be be used as a reflection of weakness
> generally.  Was it so in the context of the scriptural culture?  I would
> appreciate any input.  Thankyou once again for your time.
> Regards,
> Karen W. Beaulieu


The Pauline use of the ASQENHS word group includes a notion of weakness
which stems from lack of GNOSIS (see TWNT) and results in a false set of
behavioral standards (eating meat, etc.). These "weak" members of the church
often sit in judgement of those with GNOSIS (the strong) and all of this
causes divisions and strive. For a discussion of this see EDNT p.171 #4.



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