David Beaulieu beau_dave at
Thu Mar 7 11:16:23 EST 2002

Dear B-Greekers,
     I was wondering what any of you might offer on the word "asthenema"
as used and Romans 15:1 and generally.  I see that it is translated 
variously, but most interestingly to me as "scruples."  I also see that 
Strong's lists "a scruple of conscience" as one definition, but I wonder if 
that definition is true of the word generally.  I can understand from the 
context why one might use the word "scruples," but I am a bit perplexed how 
this relates to the sense of weakness, literally, particularly since 
"scruples" and "conscience" tend not be be used as a reflection of weakness 
generally.  Was it so in the context of the scriptural culture?  I would 
appreciate any input.  Thankyou once again for your time.

Karen W. Beaulieu

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