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At 8:44 AM +0100 1/30/02, Cees van Veelen wrote:
>> >That means that you propose to read: TOUS DOMOUS? For me a spelling >
>> variation
>> >DOMATA - DWMATA is easier to understand than TA DOMATO - TOUS >DOMOUS.
>> >It also depends how you interprete the genitive 'of the desert': I
>>would tend
>> >to translate: The desert as a place to live. According to LSJ the plural
>> >can be used for a single house.
>> No.  I would maintain DOMATA and simply acknowledge that the form is
>>  We all know of errors made in the forms of words in English or other
>> languages.  Have you ever read postings that used "there" when they meant
>> "their"?  Why should it have been any different then?
>That's exeactly my point: 'there' and 'their' sound so much alike, that a
>mistake like that can exist for a long time to go unnoticed. DWMATA and DOMATA
>sound very much alike. So that could go unnoticed to.
>But we will have to dig up some more manuscipts of the LXX as we have now
>nothing on paper that supports either view. Scibes have been 'correcting'
>manuscripts all the time.

I frankly think this little thread is indicative of the worth of knowing a
little bit more than Hellenistic Greek and of using some of the available
reference tools that are not limited to Biblical Greek. The fact is that
there are two roots that have variant forms in DOM-:

(a) *DW/DO -- "give" -- a root readily recognized in numerous verbal and
nominal forms

LSJ:  doma (A), atos, to, ( [didômi] ) gift, Pl.Def.415b, LXX Ge.25.6
(pl.), Plu.2.182e.
	2. payment, PPetr.2p.11 (iii B. C.).

(b) *DEM/DOM/DAM/DMA/DHM/DWM/DMW -- a wide-ranging root most basically
meaning "house" or "household" but extending to "domesticate" and "tame";
from it derive such words as DAMAZW "tame", DESPOTHS/DESPOINA "master/lady
of the house", DMWS "servant/slave", DOMOS, DWMA, DOMA variants for
"house", etc., etc.

LSJ: doma (B), atos, to, = dôma, Max.448, = teichion, Hsch.

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