Accenting (was rough breathing)

Michael Haggett michaelhaggett at
Tue Jan 29 21:54:52 EST 2002

Polycarp66 at wrote, 30 January:

| What then do you suppose the intention of the accents was?
| gfsomsel

OK.  You've asked!  But rather than write a long post, I think
it would be better to upload one of the relevant pages of my
NTGreek course (which is usually only on the CD-ROM version) to
my website.  Everybody will then be able to HEAR what I mean ...
which will be far better than trying to express how things sound
in a plain-text email.

Please give me a day or so (I'd much rather celebrate my
birthday :-) to re-sample the relevant audio files so that they
stream better over the internet. Then I'll write a short post
with the relevant web addresses.

Michael Haggett
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