DOMATA in Mal 1:3

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>As far as I can tell, the word DOMATA (in Mal 1:3) is accusative plural of
>the neuter noun DOMA and means "gifts".  Brenton (according to BibleWorks)
>translates it as "dwellings" and is supported in this by a commentary on
>Malachi by D. L. Petersen.  I see the similarity between the words DOMA and
>DOMOS, but is it possible to understand DOMATA as a form of DOMOS?  

Did you ever read a book and encounter the term "indexes"?  The plural of 
"index" is "indices."  Of course it's possible.  Did you ever notice the 
variant forms that appear for various words in a lexicon?  Here is an entry 
from the "middle Liddell"

A-BEBAIOS, ON, uncertain, unsteady; TO ABEBAION = ABEBAIOTHS, Luc.

Apparently Lucian used a different form.

Even books which are edited and proofread have errors.  Why shouldn't Greek 
handwriten documents?  Wat does ya thimk - that they ain't gonna make no errs?


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