DOMATA in Mal 1:3

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Tue Jan 29 18:16:04 EST 2002

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>That means that you propose to read: TOUS DOMOUS? For me a spelling >
>DOMATA - DWMATA is easier to understand than TA DOMATO - TOUS >DOMOUS.
>It also depends how you interprete the genitive 'of the desert': I would tend
>to translate: The desert as a place to live. According to LSJ the plural 
>can be used for a single house.

No.  I would maintain DOMATA and simply acknowledge that the form is "wrong." 
 We all know of errors made in the forms of words in English or other 
languages.  Have you ever read postings that used "there" when they meant 
"their"?  Why should it have been any different then?   


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