Looking for examples of "arche' as "origin"

Edward Otte edotte at optonline.net
Tue Jan 29 18:50:04 EST 2002

Firstly, allow me to thank your generousity in responding to my post
several times. You have really been very helpful. I do not know what you
mean about when you say you get the impression that I are attempting to
read some philosophical concept of origin into this and you would
discourage me in doing so.  Clearly, Biblical Greek does carry the
underlying theological and philosopical notions. But beyond that which I
believe I really would like to know more because the theological and
philosophical interest does bring about something to dig deeper into.
However, I am not about "shoehorning" my preconceived notions into the
Biblical text. Moreover, it would seem rather hard to have the same
semantics of the English "origin" be the same exact semantics of the
Biblical Greek 'arch' notwithstanding.

Edward Otte

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