1 Thess 5:10

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> My question is about the sense of the two verbs. Let me suggest
> alternatives:
> Does GRHGOREW here mean
> 1) be literally awake
> 2) be watchful, alert, spiritually awake
> 3) be physically alive
> Does KAQEUDW here mean
> 1) be literally asleep
> 2) be dull, spiritually asleep
> 3) be physically dead

 AND THE ANSWER IS (drumroll, please) #3.

I think I understand why you have some reservations.  In v. 6 the pair 
KAQEUD*/GRHGOR* are used to indicate those whom he classifies as children of 
darkness/children of light.  He appears to have changed the significance of 
the words here.  Putting aside any theological issue, it would be 
inconceiveable to speak of being "children of light" and therefore "awake" 
(by which I would understand "spiritually alive") and yet be able to speak of 
the possibility of being either awake or asleep.

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