DOMATA in Mal 1:3

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>> As far as I can tell, the word DOMATA (in Mal 1:3) is accusative plural of
>> the neuter noun DOMA and means "gifts".  Brenton (according to BibleWorks)
>> translates it as "dwellings" and is supported in this by a commentary on
>> Malachi by D. L. Petersen.  I see the similarity between the words DOMA and
>> DOMOS, but is it possible to understand DOMATA as a form of DOMOS?  

>There is a correction suggested to read DWMATA (with omega). That would
>translate as dwellings.
>Anyway - 'gifts of the desert' does not make much sense here, as 'dwellings 
>the desert' does. So I do understand the argument for the correction. The 
>has something else: jackals of the desert.

I think that, no matter how you understand it, the form found in the LXX 
cannot be correct from the standpoint of the lexica and grammars.  As was 
indicated above, there is a form with an omega.  LSJ also lists DOMOS.  The 
problem here is that it would not have the form DOMATA.  Either DOMOS OR DWMA 
has the meaning "house."  There does seem to be a nuance, however, which 
would lead me to choose DOMOS.  DOMOS has a usage as "sheep-fold", etc.  This 
would seem to agree with the context of Mal 1.3.


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