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Michael Haggett michaelhaggett at
Mon Jan 28 15:06:28 EST 2002

Rodney Decker wrote, 28 January:

I must confess to some curiosity. To what 1967 lexicon do you
refer that prints ARR- with this combination of diacritics? BAG
(1st ed) was 1957 and it does not do so, nor does the 1965
abridgement by Gingrich. The 1968 supplement to L&S doesn't use
this convention. I'm hard pressed to think of any other lexicons
published in the 60s. Are we talking about a reprint ed. of an
older lexicon? (Thayer does not do this either.)


It's an analytical lexicon that I picked up in a second hand
bookshop.  Unfortunately the front page was cut out, so I can
only offer limited information.

It's called "The Analytical Greek Lexicon", the publisher is S.
Bagster and Sons, London, and it is the 1967 reprint of an
earlier edition.  I don't know the date of first publication or
the editor, I can't even find any initials that would offer a

It's hard to guess at the date of publication from the remainder
of the contents, but I'd guess at it being 70-80 years ago.
Perhaps someone who has a version with the front page can help.

.... and, of course, I should have written ARRWSTOS!

Michael Haggett

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