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I must confess to some curiosity. To what 1967 lexicon do you refer that
prints ARR- with this combination of diacritics? BAG (1st ed) was 1957 and
it does not do so, nor does the 1965 abridgement by Gingrich. The 1968
supplement to L&S doesn't use this convention. I'm hard pressed to think of
any other lexicons published in the 60s. Are we talking about a reprint ed.
of an older lexicon? (Thayer does not do this either.)

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> One example I would like to cite is words beginning ARR.., such
> as ARRABWN, ARRHTOS and ARRWTOS.  Even as recently as 1967,
> these were printed (in a lexicon) with a smooth breathing over
> both the A and the first R, and then with a rough breathing over
> the second R.
> I can't imagine that anybody today would think of this as
> anything other than silly. 
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