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Michael Haggett michaelhaggett at onetel.net.uk
Wed Jan 23 18:09:34 EST 2002

Jane Brazier wrote, 23 January:

| I'm looking to buy a Bible with just the original Greek text in it... does
| anyone know if that even exists?  If it does, where can I buy it from?  I
| don't want an interlinear, or one with any extra study helps.  Just
| something that I can sit down and read.  I've been looking around for a
| while, but I can't seem to locate one.


MH: Glen Naftaniel has just posted details of the more scholarly Greek New
Testaments available. Both of these have critical apparatus and the textual
variants are noted by various letters and symbols in the text.  Very useful.

However I was interested to see you just wanted something to sit down and
READ, so I would like to point you to an alternative that has none of these
distractions ... it's just a well laid-out text and nothing else!  I find it
pleasure to read.  Besides that, at £5.10, it's about a third of the price
the other two.

You can get it on-line from the Trinitarian Bible Society (UK) at:


(watch the wrap)

Just be aware that it is the Textus Receptus, rather than a critical text.

Michael Haggett

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