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>Hello all,

>I'm looking to buy a Bible with just the original Greek text in it... does 
>anyone know if that even exists?  If it does, where can I buy it from?  I 
>don't want an interlinear, or one with any extra study helps.  Just 
>something that I can sit down and read.  I've been looking around for a 
>while, but I can't seem to locate one.

If you're looking for an online Greek Bible with a search engine, 
there's not much better than BibleWorks 5.0 about which you can obtain 
more information at www.bibleworks.com.  If you want a print version, 
United Bible Societies, iirc, puts out a Greek New Testament.  Around 
here in Atlanta, the local Cokesbury Bookstore has original language 
texts of the Bible, and I believe it's a chain.  If you don't have 
one, you might want to check your local colleges and universities and, 
if you have them, seminaries to see if they keep Greek Bibles in stock 
for religion students.  

>Thanks for your time. :)

Anytime.  Good luck and God bless.

>God bless,

>Jane Brazier
>janey_painy1 at hotmail.com

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