Good History of Biblical Greek/Koine Scholarship?

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Wed Jan 23 13:02:05 EST 2002

Thank you 
> One of the better such treatments is *The Interpretation of the New
> Testament, 1861-1986,* by Stephen Neill, 2d ed. edited by Tom Wright (Oxford
> Univ. Press, 1988). This deals with NT studies more generally, but I assume
> from the issues you list that this is what you're seeking. 

I will add that to my library is there another book that covers the
earlier periods? or maybe none would exist that would be a "Pre-Critical"
time period   maybe.

> If you want
> *Greek* studies in a stricter sense, then perhaps a good resource would be
> the introduction to a recent major grammar. In that category, perhaps Dan
> Wallace's is the most recent with the most extensive introduction: *Beyond
> the Basic of Biblical Greek: An Exegetical Syntax of the NT* (Zondervan,
> 1996). There are other "intermediate" grammars of recent vintage (e.g.,
> Young, McKay, Porter), but they don't spend much time on the issues
> concerning which you inquire.

I read Attic Greek Passably and I have a Koine Grammar. Is the key
"recent" grammar. Is it important to a have a "Biblical Grammar".

-Klaus Nomi
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