Greek word in the Passover?

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However, the Mishnah (Pesachim 10:8) commentary by Philip Blackman (Judaica 
Press, 1963) and Marcus Jastrow's Dictionary (page 104; Judaica Press, 1996) 
point in another direction.  They both derive AFIKOMAN (originally, EPIKOMIN) 
from the Greek EPIKWMON (EPI + KWMOS), "aftermeal entertainment," and 
EPIKWMOI, "things belonging to the aftermeal."

Solomon Landers

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> rob:
> The 2nd aorist of hIKNEOMAI is hIKOMHN. It occurs in Homer's Illiad 8.148.,
> It also occurs  as  AFIKNEOMAI is used in early prose according to Liddell
> and Scott

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