Good History of Biblical Greek/Koine Scholarship?

Klaus Nomi a_king_ink at
Tue Jan 22 18:24:28 EST 2002

I am looking for good balanced resources on the History of Biblical 
Greek/Koine Scholarship. All I have found so far are earnest Christian 
Apology and narrow works motivated by Identity Politics (i.e. Does 
Paul condemn Homosexuals, Inclusive Language etc). 

What are the foundations of modern B-Greek scholarship?
Is there a secular element within the biblical Greek community?
What are the Historical Controversies/Conflicts?
What Historical theories have been Discarded?

This is the kind of questions I am looking for the answers to.

Please excuse my English.
-Klaus Nomi
-a_king_ink at

[Moderator's note: let's limit any on-line discussion to bibliographic 
suggestions, please, acknowledging readily that there may not be a 
consensus on any one of the questions to which Klaus seeks 
answers and that every one of these questions is one that lies 
outside the scope of B-Greek discussion. -cwc]

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