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Dear Clay,

I think this could interest others, so I will reply on-list.

At 11:20 PM 020121 -0800, c stirling bartholomew wrote:
>A few months ago the following title floated across my path and I snapped it
>up since it looked like a curio and I have a weakness for curios:
>TITLE: A Synopsis of the Four Gospels, in a New Translation
>ISBN: 0865540241
>Publisher: Mercer University Press
>Publish Date: January 1982
>Author: Bernard Orchard Binding: Hardcover
>In the preface or intro to the book the author mentions a  Greek edition of
>it published by T&T Clark. I found it in the Harvard lib. but it doesn't
>seem to be floating around for sale anywhere.
>Have any of you  used Orchard's Greek synopsis?  I suspect that I can follow
>what Orchard is doing using his English version, and a synopsis in the hand
>is worth more than a title in the Harvard library.
>Does the Greek version of Orchard's book have any compelling qualities that
>might cause one to go to great lengths (and expense) to obtain a copy?
>If you have a reply that might offend the sensitive clientele  on b-greek
>feel free to contact me off list.

Bernard Orchard was a British Roman Catholic monk who was convinced

1. That Mark wrote his Gospel using Mt and Lk,
2. That Luke knew and used Mt.,
3. That one's view of the order and interrelationship of the Synoptics 
affected how one would arrange a Synopsis, and vice versa.

He put out his Greek Synopsis to show how things looked from this 
perspective. I have his Greek Synopsis but not his English one.

My own view? I agree with him on points 1 and 3, but not 2.

Re his book's value: anyone who sees the serious nature of the Synoptic 
Problem and is open to considering alternatives to the majority "Markan 
Priority" hypothesis should look at (or own) his Synopsis. Preferably in Greek.



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