Greek Synopsis - J. B. Orchard?

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Tue Jan 22 02:20:29 EST 2002

A few months ago the following title floated across my path and I snapped it
up since it looked like a curio and I have a weakness for curios:

TITLE: A Synopsis of the Four Gospels, in a New Translation
ISBN: 0865540241 
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Publish Date: January 1982
Author: Bernard Orchard Binding: Hardcover

In the preface or intro to the book the author mentions a  Greek edition of
it published by T&T Clark. I found it in the Harvard lib. but it doesn't
seem to be floating around for sale anywhere.

Have any of you  used Orchard's Greek synopsis?  I suspect that I can follow
what Orchard is doing using his English version, and a synopsis in the hand
is worth more than a title in the Harvard library.

Does the Greek version of Orchard's book have any compelling qualities that
might cause one to go to great lengths (and expense) to obtain a copy?

If you have a reply that might offend the sensitive clientele  on b-greek
feel free to contact me off list.



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