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> I was wondering about the meaning of the word "nothos" in the New
> Testament. I have found different information from different sources; can
> anyone tell me what this word means?

Louw & Nida:

10.39  pertaining to someone who is born out of wedlock and is thus without
legal status or rights ‹ Œillegitimate, bastard.¹  He 12:8. There may,
however, be some serious problems involved in translating noqoi in He 12:8,
especially if noqoi must be rendered in some languages as Œsons whose
parents are not married,¹ for noqoi occurs here in a highly figurative
passage speaking of God as one¹s parent. It may, therefore, be necessary to
employ an expression such as Œthis means you are not his real sons¹ or ŒŠ
not sons who truly belong to him.¹

LXX use: 
noqos,-h,-on+    A 0-0-0-0-1-1
    Wis 4:3
     illegitimate  (of plants)
    Cf. LARCHER 1984, 320; ‹>NIDNTT

This is not the word used to render MAMZER in the LXX or in 1Enoch. In
1Enoch 10:9 we read epi tous mazhreous where the Hebrew term is just

In the LXX 

Deut. 23:3  ek pornhs
Zech. 9:6  ajllogeneis




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