a question of surrogates

Barbara.Friberg at ccmail.lfa.com Barbara.Friberg at ccmail.lfa.com
Sat Jan 19 13:01:00 EST 2002

                                        January 19, 2002
   Dear B-Greek list members,

   I invariably profit from reading the daily discussions on the list when
   I get beyond just perusing the table of contents. How do some of you do
   it, reading everything and also commenting? I don't have time to do
   justice to such multi-sourced wisdom!

   The several weeks I followed the Middle Passive discussions (and other
   times as well) I noted occasional references to our Analytical Greek New
   Testament (AGNT) and perhaps even (though I cannot remember now) to our
   Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament (ANLEX), both published by

   We have always made it a high priority to correct AGNT (and now ANLEX)
   based on comments by users. That leads me to two questions that might
   easily become requests:

   I. Is there someone among you/us that reads everything that might also
   be willing to alert me (off-list) to (or forward on to me) any
   discussion that involves either a correction or an alternative analysis
   for AGNT and ANLEX?

   I am keen to have this input, but as I said above, I am rather selective
   in what I read on the list due to too many activities already.

   II. Is there a way to search the texts of B-Greek archives (and not just
   the subject lines) in order to find past references to AGNT and/or ANLEX
   that might contain the same valuable input for correction or alternative

   Thanks for the intellectual stimulus the list is to me at one of earth's
   remotest corners.

   Sincerely yours,

   Timothy Friberg

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