twn apo tou aiwnos En 14:1

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on 1/18/02 11:52 AM, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> Clay, I would think that EGRHGORWN must be a genitive pl. ptc. construing
> with LOGWN and that TWN APO TOU AIWNOS must be attributive to LOGWN. No?

Thanks Carl, 

Sounds reasonable. However, in 1Enoch EGRHGOROS appears to function in most
contexts as a substantive "The Watchers". This use isn't found in the LXX, I
don't think (see Lam. 4:14).

Anyway, I agree with  TWN APO TOU AIWNOS must be attributive to LOGWN.
However, R.H. Charles and Richard Laurence in their translations of the
##Ethiopic## don't don't agree with each other or with us:

 R.H. Charles
  14:1 The book of the words of righteousness, and of the reprimand of the
eternal Watchers in accordance

Richard Laurence

 14:1 This is the book of the word of righteousness, and of the reproof of
the Watchers, who belong to the world . . .

The Ethiopic follows the Greek text fairly closely but I don't have a
translation of the Greek text. Is there one? Perhaps it is time for some one
to do one.  Codex Panopolitanus (Charles' edition) is a relatively easy
text. Compared  to 2Peter and Jude it is very easy.



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