Romans One: Verses 3 and 4

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>I am currently working my through Romans Chapter One.  Theologically, much
>debate has occured over Verses 3 and 4 regarding "two natures" verses "two
>stages" (John Murray, Lenski-they actually agree on something!) Based upon
>the Greek, is there a strong case to be built for "two stages" as John
>Murray and Vos seem to imply?
If you want to talk about how the participles relate to TOU hUIOU AUTOU or 
how any other elements relate to sequence or circumstance, this is within the 
bounds of b-Greek. But let's not discuss "the two natures" of Christ or any 
other such subject covered at Nicea, Chalcedon or any of the councils. So 
please rephrase your question so as to discuss Greek Grammar or a closely 
related subject.


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