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Tue Jan 15 02:18:34 EST 2002

> In a discussion on another list, we were discussing 2 Samuel 11:8 in
> which David tells Uriah, "Go down to your house and bathe your feet,"
> and I agreed with another poster who said this expression using the
> word NIPSAI in the Septuagint means "sexual intercourse."  What is the
> Hebrew word here and does it mean sexual intercourse?

There is absolutely no substance to the claim that NIPSAI or the
corresponding Hebrew word refers to sexual intercourse.
Nor is there any substance to the idea that the expression "wash your feet"
in Greek or Hebrew refers to sexual intercourse.
This can easily be seen by taking a concordance and looking up all the
occurrences of NIPTW in the LXX or "wash feet" in an English translation.

Since this notion has been floated on this list, I cannot resist from saying
that the idea that the Hebrew word ReGeL, in plural RaGLaYiM, "feet, legs"
can refer to the sexual organs is a misunderstanding, probably based on a
failure to realize that ReGeL means leg as well as foot. In certain
contexts, expressions including legs can be used as euphemisms, such as
English "spreading the legs". The Gesenius dictionary gives examples of
euphemisms like "water of the legs" for urine, "hair of the legs" for the
hair between the legs. Gesenius then says and I quote from the Tregelles
translation into English "No attention however is to be paid to the opinion
that RaGLaYiM is to be absolutely understood of the pudenda."

Iver Larsen

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