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Mon Jan 14 20:21:24 EST 2002

Cindy, it is correct that the word for feet is sometimes used in the Hebrew
Bible as a euphemism for the genital organs. One tells the difference
between such figurative usage in passages and literal reference to feet in
other passages by examining the context in which the expression occurs. Even
then, there may be times when it is not certain whether feet are being used
figuratively or literally.

Now, since you are asking about a Hebrew word, I'm wondering if you intended
this message to go to the B-Hebrew list instead of this B-Greek list?

Wayne Leman
Bible Translation discussion list:

> In a discussion on another list, we were discussing 2 Samuel 11:8 in
> which David tells Uriah, "Go down to your house and bathe your feet,"
> and I agreed with another poster who said this expression using the
> word NIPSAI in the Septuagint means "sexual intercourse."  What is the
> Hebrew word here and does it mean sexual intercourse?  There are
> numerous other places in Scripture where it clearly does not mean
> sexual intercourse.  One poster suggested that Jesus is homosexual
> because he bathes the feet of his disciples in John 13.  This, of
> course, is preposterous, and I don't think the poster was serious, but
> how does one linguistically distinguish between the two meanings?
> Thanks.
> Cindy Smith

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