Phil 1:28 hHTIS (longish)

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Mon Jan 14 09:35:34 EST 2002

At 10:19 PM +0100 1/13/02, Iver Larsen wrote:
>Dear Carl,
>. . . I'll make reference to the
>Blass/Debrunner (BD) grammar which is the only one I have access to at the
>moment, since most of my books are in another country where I normally live.
>> . . ..I really need to
>> consult some hard-copy reference works to which I won't have
>> access until I return to my NC home at the end of this month before I can
>> respond more adequately to some of the challenges.

It looks like we're both at present removed from our research resources. As
I indicated yesterday, my essential hard-copy reference library is at my
retirement home in North Carolina to which I'll be returning at the end of
this month. I have BDF, BDAG, LSJ-G, Smyth, and several other works I'd
like to consult on this matter. I'm not going to discuss it until after
I've had a chance to consult these references. So, although I've seen your
latest follow-up (Mon, 14 Jan 2002 09:38:03 +0100, "A shoot off from
hHTIS"), I'm not going to respond to it at present.

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