The Use of the word gold in the NT

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Sun Jan 13 09:49:36 EST 2002

Concerning "gold" CRUSOS and CRUSION, Martin Wells asked, "How can we tell 
whether they are referring to coins, metal or objects?
And are there any examples outside the NT which can help? Is it a case
of just having to make a best guess from what the context is inferring? 

Just like any synanym these words may sometimes be used interchangebly, or 
they may giv a shade of meaning when used together or in certain contexts.  
And like most words they receive a shading from the specific context.  Even 
in English we use the word gold to refer to the minieral, coinage, and wealth 
in general.  We understand the meaning from the context.   BTW "Silver" is 
used the same way in the NT.

Dale Greenlee

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