Shaved by Works

Gene Baker ekbaker at
Thu Jan 10 08:58:11 EST 2002

A fine head of hair, indeed!  Something many of us regard as a mere memory.
Were I trying to motivate students, I think the dinner would be easier on my
ego -- I'm already suffering from follicle deficiency.

  One has to admire a teacher willing to part with his dignity in order to
motivate his students.  And then to put it on the net, well that is humility
beyond the call of duty.


   Gene Baker
    Sterling, IL
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>At 11:53 AM +0100 1/10/02, Wieland Willker wrote:
>>A must-read, and -look:
>>Dan Wallace, shaved by Works!
>>Come on teachers, take this example...
>Well, obviously everybody involved had great fun, and clearly Dan Wallace
>once had a fine head of hair, but I hardly think that's the only or best
>way to reward students for outstanding achievement. I've taken my class out
>to dinner at a Greek restaurant on several occasions at the end of a
>semester -- I think that successful learning is a joint achievement of
>students and teacher.
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