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> 1 Peter 2:24 in speaking of Christ's suffering makes reference to the famous
> Servant Song of Isaiah 53. The LXX of Isaiah 53:5 reads TW MWLWPI AUTOU hHMEIS
> IAQHMEN, but Peter writes it as hOU TW MWLWPI IAQHTE.  Can anyone comment on
> the difference between IAQHMWN and IAQHTE? I take it that Peter is
> deliberately trying to show that Isaiah 53:6 is fulfilled in Christ.


In 1 Peter 2:24 the reading IAQHMEN is found in Miniscule 8 and a few Latin
mss. and other versions. This is also the the reading found in the Rahlfs
LXX. The Hebrew text (MT) has a nifal participle followed by a preposition
with a 1st person plural suffix. So the LXX essentially agrees with the MT
even though it is a somewhat dynamic here.

The reading IAQHMEN 1 Peter 2:24 can be explained by the desire to make it
conform with the LXX and MT. J. R. Michaels (1Pet. WBC, p.134 note k)
suggests that another temptation for a scribe to supply  IAQHMEN is the
other 1st person plurals in immediately precceding context (e.g. verse 24,
hHMON, ZHSOMEN). However, if you look at the verses 20-25 you will note that
2nd person plural verbs and pronouns outnumber first person five to one.

Anyway, the reading IAQHTE has much much better mss. support and  the LXX/MT
readings provide a clear motive for a scribe to alter it to IAQHMEN.

Why did Peter use the second person plural? Someone else will have to answer
that question. Have not had time to look at it.



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