More Questions for the List

Rick Hubbard rhubbard at
Tue Jan 8 09:45:07 EST 2002

I have three sets of questions that correspondents here may be willing and
able to answer.


Can anyone provide a “definitive” count of the number of lemmas (dictionary
word forms) in NA26/UBS 3?

What is the total number of words (i.e., all inflected/conjugated word
forms) in NA26?


There appears to be some inconsistency in the parsing tags used in various
resources (electronic AND print). With these variations in mind, is anyone
comfortable making a judgment on Packard’s parsing schema as it is used in
the CCAT UBS electronic GNT?


Do the sentence markers (periods and question marks) in NA26 adequately
define the actual boundaries of sentences? This may seem to be an odd
question, however, I am trying to get my arms around the sentence structure
analysis suggested by Bob Funk’s _Beginning-Intermediate Grammar of
Hellenistic Greek_ (Missoula: Scholar’s Press, 1973). Funk argues that there
are only six fundamental sentence types in Hellenistic Greek (Funk 1973,
377-394). If his assessment is correct, then would it be fair to say that
the conventional schemes of sentence demarcation are more “stylistic” than
grammatically significant? Is it worth taking the time to distinguish
between "grammatical sentences" and "stylistic sentences"?

I would appreciate comments about any or all of the above.


Rick Hubbard
Humble Maine Woodsman

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