Gramcord Lite?

David J. Sugg djsugg at
Tue Jan 8 09:49:51 EST 2002


I have been using Gramcord Lite for about a month. As someone teaching
myself Greek, I have found it very helpful, and easy to use. I am puzzeled
by Bob Vincent's comment that he does not get definitions, only parsing. I
am using the latest version, and I do get definitions, along with the
parsing. I find it has helped in trying to establish the habit of daily
reading the Greek NT, as my vocabulary is still limited to the 100x and up
level, and my grammar skills still need a lot of work. I have been more
than satisfied with the program, and think it is a good buy at $45.

David Sugg
Thorndale, PA

> B-Greekers,
> I am considering purchasing Gramcord Lite for my Palm Pilot.  Basically, I
> am looking for a version of the GNT with a built-in parser/lexicon (my
> skills not being what they should be.)  Does anyone have any experience with
> this package?  Comments?  Suggestions for an alternative?
> I looked in the archives and it does not appear to have been discussed
> before.
> Thanks,
> Patrick Narkinsky

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