Biblical Greek Fonts on this website?

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Tue Jan 8 08:48:12 EST 2002

At 5:05 AM -0800 1/8/02, Philip Engmann wrote:
>Is it possible to have Biblical Greek Fonts on this

It's not altogether clear what it is that you're asking.

1. Do you want to know where to acquire Biblical Greek fonts for computer
or for on-line use? B-Greek doesn't have them but list-members can tell you
where to get quite a variety of Greek and Hebrew fonts.

2. Are you asking whether Biblical Greek fonts may be used in e-mail sent
to B-Greek? At this time that is not yet practical and it won't be until
unicode is readily employable on all computer platforms. In the B-Greek FAQ
which you should have received as a new subscriber there is a clear
explanation of the ASCII transliteration scheme in standard use here for
citation of Greek texts.

Or did you mean something else?

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