Gramcord Lite?

Bob Vincent bob at
Mon Jan 7 17:51:18 EST 2002

Patrick Narkinsky <patrick at> asked:
> I am considering purchasing Gramcord Lite for my Palm Pilot.  Basically, I
> am looking for a version of the GNT with a built-in parser/lexicon (my
> skills not being what they should be.)  Does anyone have any experience
> this package?  Comments?  Suggestions for an alternative?

Dear Patrick,

I have used this program for a little over a year, and in the latest
incarnation of its still Beta form it is very good -- not perfect yet, but
almost there.  There are no definitions, but every word is parsed using the
Gramcord database.  I find it a handy way to avoid phylactery flaunting when
I have to wait on people, and it's a lot lighter than a bound Testament and
lexicon and much less visible to the police than a laptop when you're
cruising down the Interstate and want to read -- just kidding.

A great little tool.


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