electronic version of LSJ (Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon)

Michael Burer burer at bible.org
Mon Jan 7 12:22:56 EST 2002

Greetings, all!

For those who may be interested, Logos Research Systems is taking
pre-publication orders for Liddell-Scott-Jones, the mammoth Greek dictionary
a.k.a. "Great Scott." Essentially what this means is they are gauging
interest in the project. If they get enough orders to justify production,
they will proceed, but if not they will cancel the project. They will make a
decision about this in a week or so, so there is a slight bit of urgency to
make a decision on this. I would love to see this come about, and I thought
many of you would, too. Credit cards will not be charged unless they produce
and ship. Check this link for more information or to place an order:
http://www.logos.com/prepub/products/default.asp?pid=15. Just to be clear, I
am not associated with Logos in any way commercially except through my work
on the NET Bible, so if you have any interest in the electronic version of
LSJ please use the link above or contact Logos by some other means. You are
welcome to contact me off-list if you would like, but I won't have any other
information than what is in this e-mail.

Some more in-depth info: This will be the Ninth edition with revised
supplement, published in 1996, unabridged. The new Libronix reader will
display page numbers. As with other Logos electronic books, the text will be
fully searchable and thoroughly hyperlinked to other texts available in the
Logos library. Pre-publication price is $99.95 (Hardcover retail is
$135-145). The core (i.e., stripped-down) Libronix Bible reader is available
for free download from their web site, but this reader will not have many of
the features which have been touted for use in the new Libronix.

Many thanks to Carl and Carlton for approving the posting of this message.
I'd like to stress in accordance with their wishes that any discussion of
this announcement take place off-list.

Grace to all,

Michael Burer
Assistant Editor, NET Bible
burer at netbible.com, www.netbible.com
Adjunct Teacher of New Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary
mburer at dts.edu

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