Did I get lucky, or what?

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> A little information, if someone will be so kind.
> I have been given a very large Oxford volume entitled:  A Greek-English
> Lexicon, compiled by Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott, revised and
> augmented throughout by Sir Henry Stuart Jones, ninth edition, 1985
> printing.  How many more editions have been produced since the ninth?  Is
> the one I own still on the cutting edge of scholarship?

As has already been indicated, some things may have changed since 1985.  
Without going to the current edition (which I don't have) and checking the 
revision history, it would be impossible to say how much.  Considering, 
however, the (ahem!) blazing speed with which things change in lexicography 
in general, I think you may assume that it was not "or what."  BTW: the 
current edition lists for $145.00 at both Borders and Barnes & Noble.  I 
won't deal with Amazon so you will need to check their price yourself.

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