How much daily reading? a bigger question

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on 1/5/02 5:35 PM, Randall Buth wrote:

> 1. "Minimum number of lines":  I am in the process of developing guidelines
> for a two-year segment of a program that will take a person to an
> intermediate fluency in Koine Greek.  At the moment the expected minimum
> reading figure is 35,000 lines. That figures out to about 350 to 500 lines
> of reading per week, depending on whether vacations are included in the
> reading schedule. On a five-day week that would be 70 to 100 lines per day.


Where do you find your students who read  "70 to 100 lines per day?"

What do you call reading? I would assume that in new material there will be
on the average two words per line which need to be looked up in a lexicon.
So the lexical work ALONE for 100 lines would be 200 trips to Danker or LSJ.

If your students are mouse clicking their way through an e-text of the GNT
with hyper-linked dictionaries then perhaps it would be possible to get
through a hundred lines a day. Is this what you mean by reading?

When I talk about reading an ancient text I mean careful reading, not quite
what we call a "close reading" but more than just getting through the text
somehow or other. No one is going to do a careful reading of 70 lines of
unfamiliar and difficult Greek in a day.

Would like to meet one of Randall's students. Suspect I would need to dig
out my glacier goggles (for use above 4,000 meters on Mt. Rainier) to
prevent permanent damage to the retinas. I have always wanted to experience
an Angelophany. Do I have to come to Jerusalem or can you send one of them
to Seattle? :-))))))



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