How much daily reading is sufficient?

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Brent wrote:

> I would like to hear from those teaching Greek (and others at
> a similar level of proficiency) as to the minimum number of 
> lines that should be read each day in order to gain 
> proficiency in Greek.  In other words, how much did you read 
> per day to get where you are today with your Greek.  

Surprisingly, one of the four exercises that most contributed to my
current reading proficiency were daily reading from the NT. These four

Morphology: working as teaching assistant for introductory NT Greek
using Mounce, having to explain morphology in a memorable way.

Syntax: an advanced Greek reading course, using more difficult texts
than those found in the NT. 2 Maccabees and Artapanus (preserved in
Eusebius) stand out in my memory.

Composition: translating the book of Ruth from Hebrew to Greek,
comparing the results with the LXX.

Vocabulary: memorizing GNT vocabulary down to a frequency of 10x for my
comprehensive exams. For this goal, I used the Memcards software. Since
then, I developed software (Flash! Pro) to go beyond Memcards'
capabilities, to include every word in the NT and Hebrew Bible,
searchable by scripture reference. Now, before I want to read a passage,
I use Flash! Pro to find all its vocabulary words, and drill me on them.
Without having to stop to check dictionaries, reading becomes amazingly

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