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At 11:46 PM 1/4/2002 -0800, c stirling bartholomew wrote:
>The feminists should be leaping for joy over the ESV.  :-))))
>There are no MEN in this bible. I searched their sample text of Matthew 5-7
>and found not a single occurrence of the word MEN. The RSV has 17
>occurrences of the word MEN in the Matthew 5-7.

I'm not sure I completely understand the point.  I searched the
Greek text of Matt. 5-7, I couldn't find ANHR in the plural there
either.  ANHR does occur twice in the Sermon, at 7:24 and 26,
where the ESV renders it "man" as does the NRSV.

The RSV does use "men" at 5:11 "Blessed are you when men revile
you.", for which the ESV employs "others" instead.  The actual
Greek subject is implicit in the verb ending of ONEIDISWSIN, so
a translation like "they" is more literal (as in Rheims and NAB).

As for feminists jumping for joy, I'm not sure that broadening
the gender of the revilers from "men" to "others" in Matt. 5:11
is a cause for celebration.

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