Wayne Leman wayne_leman at
Sat Jan 5 11:15:19 EST 2002

David McKay said:

> I wasn't sure whether this is an appropriate topic for the b-greek list,
> I emailed Ted privately.

I was pretty sure it was not appropriate for the b-greek list, so I also
emailed Ted privately. I'm not trying to steal sheep from another pasture,
but I can say that an appropriate place to discuss the ESV and any other
English Bible versions would be the Bible Translation discussion list. For
info about the BT list, see URL:

We have discussed the ESV in a number of recent messages on the BT list.
Anyone who just wants to read those messages in the BT list archives can do
so at URL:

One can also see how the ESV ranks relative to other English versions in my
comparative quantified studies, accessible from URL:

Wayne Leman
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