How much daily reading is sufficient?

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on 1/4/02 11:05 AM, Brent Hudson wrote:

> I would like to hear from those teaching Greek (and others at a similar level
> of proficiency) as to the minimum number of lines that should be read each day
> in order to gain proficiency in Greek.  In other words, how much did you read
> per day to get where you are today with your Greek.


The number of lines will increase with ones level of proficiency with  a
particular dialect and familiarity with a corpus. Makes more sense to talk
about how long one spends reading than the number of lines.

Working with care through a few verses a day of difficult material will
result in progress being made. What constitutes difficult material will
change over time. Reading the whole book of 1John may not be worth much if
you have mastered 1John. You might get more benefit struggling over three
verses in 2nd Peter.

Making major progress in Greek is going to require a change of life style
for people who are caught up in being "busy."

No point in establishing any rules, but I cannot see how anything less than
five hours a week could get you there even if you are brilliant which most
of us are not.  



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