Dungan, David L (OFF TOPIC - NO Discussion!!)

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Fri Jan 4 02:04:06 EST 2002

NO DISCUSSION PLEASE- Just a book buyers alert

Dungan, David L. A history of the synoptic problem: the canon, the
text, the composition and the interpretation of the Gospels. Doubleday,
1999, Series: The Anchor Bible Reference Library. $9.98 at HalfPrice Books,
retail stores only.

For a discussion of this book go to the synoptic-L archives.

You guys in Dallas and other major cities where HalfPrice Books has a store.
Here is a chance to pick up a great book on the synoptic problem at 75% off
($9.98) This is a "classic" (published 1999) work of "protest scholarship."
A great read. Not everone likes this book. Go to Mark Goodacre's forum to
find out why not. Please don't discuss it here! Carl will get mad! Don't
even send me mail telling me you don't like the book. Believe me I know that
people don't like this book and I have heard all the reasons.

This book is not being sold on the WEB at this price. You must go to the
store to get it.   

greetings and good reading.


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