EXERA(S)MA 2Peter 2:22

Thomas J. Kraus tj.kraus at gmx.de
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Dear colleagues,

there is a minor textcritical issue related to 2Peter 2:22 where most and
the best of the witnesses read

However, there is quite a number of minuscules together with Codex Bezae who


[A third alternative is TON IDION EMETON in some minuscules and presented by
some fathers, which is no problem to be explained].

Well, the form EXERASMA has made me ponder for a while: where does it
originate from? All my tools did not have a satisfying answer. Definitely,
EXERAMA derived from EX+ERAW, is very rare (Disc. de venen. 19).
Furthermore, there is EXERASIS, -EWS (vomiting; Eust. 1856.5) which might
help to find out more about EXERASMA. But no matter how I try I cannot bring
EXERASMA in a clear etymological or morpholical line to explain its
Of course, there is the same root to count on. Maybe, the scribes made a
mistake (I doubt that because of the features of the several witnesses) or
they mixed up paradigmata of word formation from EX+ERAW to EXERASMA then.
But how?

I welcome any comment on that. Up to now I have not found any other usage of
EXERASMA in literal texts, inscriptions, or documentary papyri.

Thomas J. Kraus (in need of help)


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