Latin perplexity

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>Subject: [b-greek] Latin perplexity
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>What should one conclude regarding a Greek NT text prefaced with this
>>Textus secundum III. editionem UBS, omnino cum XXVI. et XXVII. editionibus
>Novi Testamenti
>>Graece, Nestle et Aland editoribus, concors, praeter minutias
>Though I don't "read" Latin, I think I can sort out that it refers to both
>the UBS3 and NA26/27 texts. Yet when I compare any of the UBS editions (1,
>2, 3, 4) and NA 25, 26, 27, the text given does not exactly match any of
>them (at least in Mark 1 which I compared).
>It's online at <> (Unicode
>format and in MS html help file format, so you'll need new enough software
>to read it; don't know if a Mac can open this file or not.) See the link
>a) Polytonic Unicode texts of the Greek New Testament and Septuagint
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