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on 4/16/02 8:20 AM, Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:

> A useful tool, old-fashioned but handy before you hit the keyboard, is:
> Muraoka, Takamitsu. Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint. Keyed to to the
> Hatch-Redpath Concordance. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1998.
> In the example you chose, Muraoka lists separately the Greek equivalents
> not only for each of the five Hebrew patterns, but also for the three
> Aramaic: peal, pael, and aphel.


I have seen this but no used it. I just depleted my book budget for this
year purchasing the study ed. of HALOT, so I guess I will have to just get
by with Accordance.

The version I saw of Muraoka was the monster one vol Hatch-Redpath which
requires a hand truck just to move it around.  How big and heavy is the
Muraoka which is not attached to H-R? Have not seen that format.



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