Instructions for a beginner....?

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The first choice is to go to a university nearby and take a course.  If that
is not possible and you can afford a about $150, you can purchase Bill
Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek and a set of tapes where he teaches from
this text.  It's low-tech, it's reasonably priced, and is probably the next
best thing to actually taking a course from a qualified instructor.

Brent Hudson

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Hello all,
	I have been following the list for short time, but most of it is over my
head.  Recently, I have purchased a book called "Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a
Day: New Testament Greek Workbook for Laymen" by Jim Found.  It has been
good so far in helping me to learn the alphabet, some vocabulary, etc.  What
would be the best thing to do next?

Faron Hopper
fwhopper at

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