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"Steven R. Lo Vullo" wrote:

> This still does not deal with the obvious problem: "All people" cannot refer to
> every single person in the world, since it would be impossible to pray for every
> person without exception. And the fact that the author wants prayer to be made for
> specific people, rather than simply for a faceless lump of humanity, is made clear
> by his mention of specific kinds of people for which prayer should be made. . . . So
> again, it is more natural to think of PANTWN ANQRWPWN in terms of "all kinds of
> people," certain kinds of which the writer delineates.

Dear Steve,

How would someone in Koine Greek express the idea of "every single person in the
world" or "all" in the sense of every person without exception? Would you please cite
an example of such usage?

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