Require reading of entire New Testament on audio tapes

Ted Hilts thilts at
Sun Sep 16 00:04:54 EDT 2001

The web site ministry is in the process of
constructing an on line Study Bible with built in features such as an
exegetical commentary, expositional commentary, and an encyclopedic
lexicon which references related themes and provides both a cultural and
historic component to these themes.  One of the tools we require must
produce a streaming audio of the Greek according to traditional
pronounciation not the Modern pronounciation.  To accomplish this we need
a reading of the New Testament but done as double reading of each verse. 
The first reading is slow and the second reading is normal.  We call this
the "double verse reading".  Prior to the double verse reading we require
the book, chapter, and verse in English.  After each double verse reading
there must be approximately a 2 second pause which will allow us to take
each double verse off the tape and transform it to an MP3 and a RealServer
streaming audio file.  We need someone competent in traditional Koine
Greek pronounciation.  We are a non-profit organization and would
appreciate a volunteer but that is probably unrealistic as it would take
several long days to produce such a reading and require several dozen
cassettes.  Therefore, if anyone is interested in helping us out please
respond and provide an estimate of your charges and appropriate contact

Thank you for considering this request and I apologize if this email is
irregular to the list or causes anyone a problem because it appears on the

Bye-thanks, Yours in Christ, Ted Hilts [New list-members:please note that
BG proocol requires a full-name signature appended to all messages sent to 
the list. cwc]

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