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Sun Sep 16 03:13:26 EDT 2001

Rod Decker asked

>Is anyone aware of any published discussions of the use of BAG/BAGD/BDAG,
particularly in terms of exegesis and method?

Besides the resources Rod listed in his post, the first that came to my own
mind as possibly of some interest is the article 'A Lexicon of the New
Testament with Documentary Parallels: Some Interim Entries, 1' in Filologia
Neotestamentaria, 10, 1997, 55-84, by G H R Horsley and John A L Lee;  the
section, Lexicographical issues and methods, might be of particular
relevance, which does refer to Bauer/BAGD;  the authors comment, "it has
become clear that there are deep-seated problems not only in BAGD but in the
whole NT lexicographical tradition".  The authors also give other references
that may be of use. (A subsequent article, 'A Lexicon of the New Testament
with Documentary Parallels: Some Interim Entries, 2', is on-line at - though that does not discuss
BAG/etc but focusses on the Horsley/Lee work in progress).  I note, however,
Rod's remark "There is no end to articles on various 'methods' of NT
interpretation in the exegetical handbooks, but seemingly a scarcity on
using the most basic tools";  the spect of the Horsley/Lee article I've
cited that I thought may be of interest is in relation to lexigographical
methodolgy; it's not an explanation to students of how to use a lexicon.  I
seem to recall that we have had such an explanation given before on B-Greek.

(As concerns the methodology issues, I know of a thread on B-Greek on BAGD2
beginning on Wed, 17 Nov 1999 ; and in December of last year there was a
brief interchange on glosses v definitions, and some comment on BDAG.)

Alex Hopkins
Melbourne, Australia

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