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Is anyone aware of any published discussions of the use of BAG/BAGD/BDAG,
particularly in terms of exegesis and method? The only ones that I have been
able to locate is Gordon Fee's *NT Exegesis* in which he devotes several
pages to discussing the value and use of our standard lexicon (pp. 87-89 in
first ed., pp. 104-09 in the 2d.), Countryman, *NT Is in Greek,* 108-11,
117-19, and a few scattered references in ch. 8 of Danker's *Multipurpose
Tools for Bible Study* (3d ed., 1970). Fee's discussion is by far the best;
Countryman is very basic; Danker's anecdotal (some quotable!). I would think
that this deserves more attention, particularly in contexts (such as mine)
where we attempt to teach students how to do exegesis--especially so now
that we finally(!) have the 3d ed. with which to work. There is no end to
articles on various "methods" of NT interpretation in the exegetical
handbooks, but seemingly a scarcity on using the most basic tools.

Rodney J. Decker, Th.D.
Associate Prof./NT
Baptist Bible Seminary
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
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