Gal. 4:11

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Thu Sep 13 10:00:42 EDT 2001

Ed, it appears to me to be a Dative of Advantage where the noun benefits or
suffers from the action. In English this would often be translated "on
behalf of" or simply "for". Rev 21:2 may be of similar formation "adorned
for the sake of her husband."

Chris Lang
Xenos Christian Fellowship
Columbus, Oh

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		Some friends and I are reading the book of Galatians. But we
are puzzled as
		to the function of UMAS in 4:11. It is an accusative but we
are not sure how
		to translate it. What use of the accusative is this? Any
guidance that
		anyone can offer would be most appreciated. Thank you.

		Ed Garcia
		Topeka, KS

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