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   Thanks.  I've obviously seen it before and never thought much of it,
but when I decided actually to look it up (for class tomorrow!) didn't
find anything in L-S, Smyth, etc -- and didn't think to look in the NT
tools for a 3rd c. author...  But there it is, all over the map.  Many
thanks again,

-- Bart

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On Sun, 9 Sep 2001, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> At 11:12 AM -0400 9/9/01, Bart Ehrman wrote:
> >   There's a contrary to fact condition in Hippolytus of Rome's Refutatio
> >omn. haer. VII.34.2, the protasis of which is : EI GAR KAI hETROS TIS
> >
> >   I'm wondering about the PEPOIHKEI and am drawing a blank.  It's the
> >pluperfect ending but there's no augment on the reduplication.  I can't
> >seem to track down the unaugmented form anywhere.  Seems like I'm missing
> >something obvious.  Anyone know?
> Bart, it's quite common for the augment to be dropped in Koine pluperfects,
> particular in words of more than two syllables; cf. BDF #66; ATR p. 1211#10.
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